Security Window Screens: The Surprising Benefits of Installing Them


Enhancing the kerb appeal of your home can be accomplished using an array of additions and accessories. However, some additions are more functional than others are. Therefore, if you are looking to improve the appearance of your home but are on a tight budget, it is prudent to whittle down your options to elements that will also make your home more functional. One of the additions that are both practical as well as an improvement to your kerb appeal is security window screens. Below are some of the surprising benefits of installing these security screens on both your windows as well as your doors.

Security screens provide your doors and windows with protection

One of the main benefits of installing security screens on your doors and windows is the increase protection that they will provide against the changing weather. When facing inclement weather conditions, elements such as precipitation and ice can cause permanent damage to your doors and window frames. This is especially true if the window and door frames are made out of timber. By installing security screens, there is a barrier seal between the structure and the outdoors, decreasing the chances of premature wear and tear due to severe weather patterns.

Security scenes provide your residence with enhanced efficiency

Another surprising benefit of you will reap by investing in security screens is the improved energy efficiency they provide your premises with. The security screens will provide an additional layer of insulation on your doors as well as your windows. As such, it is less likely for your home to develop drafts due to cracks or structural defects in the door or window frames. In addition to this, the security screens also function to prevent thermal heat loss from your home. Therefore, during the colder months, you can rest assured your home stays cosy and warm due to its enhanced energy efficiency.

Security screens are multi-functional

Although security screens are designed to make your windows and doors more secure, this is not their only purpose. During the hot summer months, you can leave your doors and windows wide open yet they will remain secure with the screens in place. This allows for enhanced ventilation without compromising the safety of your valuables. Another problem homeowners experience during the summer is an influx of pests and insects swarming into their homes. The security screens will also prevent pests from flying into your home, whether your doors and windows are open or closed.


21 February 2017

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