3 Vital Inclusions for a Successful Wet Room Renovation for Your Bathroom


If you're planning to renovate a small bathroom, then you may be struggling to find a design that works with the limited space available. A great solution is to create a wet room style bathroom instead of a more traditional layout. Wet rooms are a simple yet effective way of maximising the space while still having a functional and user-friendly bathroom. Here are three vital inclusions you should consider when creating the perfect wet-room.

1. A frameless shower screen

Some wet room designs are completely open plan, with no physical barrier between the shower area and the rest of the room. This may not appeal to you if you'd prefer to keep the water spray from the shower partially contained and prevent the rest of your bathroom features from becoming drenched every time the shower is used.

A single pane of frameless shower screen is the perfect compromise. It allows you to successfully partition the shower area off while avoiding any breaks in the line of sight through the space. The frameless screen can also be embedded in the tiles on the floor and wall to create a seamless and unobtrusive water barrier.

2. Floor-to-ceiling tiling

Even if you use a frameless shower screen, wet room walls will be exposed to much more water and moisture than a bathroom with a traditionally screened shower. For this reason, using plasterboard on the walls isn't a wise choice. Plasterboard isn't ideally suited to handle constant water exposure and will soon become warped and water-logged.

Instead, opt for floor-to-ceiling tiles as your wall surface. This will ensure that your wet room remains impervious to water damage and will stay functional for many years to come. This type of tiling also means that you can really get creative with your tile design. Mosaics, replica vintage tiles, and natural stone look tiles are all stunning examples of the creative use of tiles in wet rooms.

3. An eye-catching shower head

Wet rooms by nature are minimalist in design, with no excess fittings or fixtures used to take up valuable and limited space. However, this doesn't mean that you can't use striking and eye-catching elements to add visual impact. The most successful way to do this is to make a feature out of your shower head.

There is a huge array of modern and beautiful shower heads available in Australia. Popular options include over-head rainwater style shower heads, double shower heads, and even shower heads that include different coloured light effects. You can even add a few high-pressure nozzles at different heights to create a stand-up spa bath experience.

Wet rooms can be a smart and user-friendly way to create a stylish space in your small bathroom. Getting the above elements right will help you to make the project a success.


22 February 2017

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