Which Color Curtains Should You Choose for Cream Walls?


Cream walls are increasingly becoming popular in homes today due to their comforting look. Since cream is a neutral color, it also seems to work great with other colors. This makes it easy for you to decorate the home without worrying about coordinating the wall color to your furniture and décor. However, when it comes to matching the curtains to the walls, one can quickly get overwhelmed. Here you will learn some of the various options that you can go for when choosing curtains that will work well with your wall color.

Match the curtains to the wall color

If you want to maintain the simple look of your walls and stick to the cream theme, you should match the curtains to the wall color. Make the curtains stand out by choosing a shade that's darker or lighter than the wall color. For instance, if the walls have a lighter shade of cream, you can choose a darker shade for your curtains to give them an independent look. One advantage of having cream colored curtains is that you can still pull off a bold color on the décor in the room without worrying about color clashing.

Go for a vibrant color

Decorating with bold colors can make a room look lively and refreshing as compared to using neutral colors. If you don't prefer a color scheme that's similar to your wall, you can choose warm or cool colors for your curtains depending on the color scheme that you have selected for the room. For a warm look, go for brown, red, yellow or orange curtains. If you want a cool, calm look, you can choose purple, green or blue curtains.

When going for bold colors, always assess the color scheme in the room to avoid clashing the colors. Make use of the color wheel, and stick to the colors in the scheme you choose, be it complementary, analogous or triadic.

Consider patterned curtains

Patterns never go out of style, and there is no better way to break the monotony of solids by decorating with patterned curtains. Not only will these work well with cream walls, but they will also add visual appeal to a room. When decorating with patterns, choose the designs and colors carefully so that they can coordinate with the rest of the décor. Use solid colors with the other décor such as furniture, but you can decorate with patterned throw pillows that match your curtains.

Coordinating your curtains to the wall colors in your home shouldn't be a tedious task. If you doubt your decorating capabilities, you can seek help for a professional interior designer.


23 February 2017

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