Office blinds: Giving a good impression


With regards to setting up an office environment, a lot of business owners mainly focus on desks, computers and Internet. Few hardly realise the impact of office décor, particularly blinds. The truth is that your office furnishings have a greater effect on your business than you may think, and it needs to send the right message to your staff and customers. This article looks at the impact of blinds on your office setting, and 3 key considerations you should mull over prior to installing window blinds in your office.


You may not think that window blinds can leave a lasting impression on your existing and potential clients, but it certainly will. Whether you pick wooden venetian blinds, vertical blinds, roller blinds, aluminium venetian blinds, or about any other kind, you can be guaranteed it's going to capture the attention of your clients. Just make sure the blinds complement your overall work space to create a good impression. Your clients will get the impression that you're a professional and competent company.


You should consider the comfort of your staff when choosing window blinds. Generally, things like lighting and temperature are subject to change from time to time in your office. Therefore, your choice of blinds should not only look good, but also provide shade, allow the entry of natural light and also provide insulation in an effort to create a comfortable work environment for your staff. For example, a quality set of venetian blinds may be slanted to minimize the glare from the sun on laptops and desktops, restricting bright sunlight while at the same time still letting the natural light to penetrate into your work space.

Remember natural light affects morale, so it can lead to a more industrious working environment. During the winter months, you can install quality insulating blinds to help conserve heat, which can ultimately save your company money on energy expenses. Internally, roller blinds on conference rooms or glass fronted work spaces can also be effective in enhancing privacy.


The last aspect to think about is the amount of maintenance necessary for the blinds. Talk with your blinds supplier to establish how much cleaning you would have to do in order to maintain your blinds. Different types of blinds require different cleaning practices. Some require just typical hand cleaning and dusting while others require a vacuum. Additionally, some may need to be uninstalled for a comprehensive deep clean. 


27 February 2017

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