3 Ways To Maximise Bedroom Space When Planning Wardrobe Installation


Finding space for your multitude of items like clothing, handbags, accessories and shoes can be difficult without adequate storage space in your home, which is why built-in wardrobes are key. But with the soaring prices of real estate rampant in Australia, many people have smaller homes with limited space. This articles should help you maximise bedroom space when planning your wardrobe installations.

Get Mirrored Wardrobe Doors

Mirrors are versatile enough to serve you with a myriad of applications, but most importantly, they can help your space dilemma by making the bedroom look bigger through light amplification and wall expansion. Mirrors reflect natural light and create the illusion of larger spaces, even when your bedroom is small.

Moreover, wardrobe doors with mirrors will eliminate the need for you to invest in a full-length, floor-based mirror stand. Without the need for an added mirror in your bedroom, you've effectively managed to reduce clutter and open up your bedroom space already. The best part is that mirrored wardrobe doors can fit into any style and design, so you'll have no trouble introducing them to your bedroom.

Go With Sliding Doors

Sliding doors can make a huge difference in small bedrooms because they move sideways through a track installed at the bottom and the top. This eliminates the need to account for extra space that would otherwise be needed to open the wardrobe doors, allowing you to place your bed, bedside table or some item closer to the wardrobe without worrying about accessibility. In comparison, hinged or pivoted doors need to be opened towards you, which means that you need a certain amount of space to allow seamless movement. This can prove to be challenging in smaller bedroom spaces, so you may want to consider sliding doors for the best results.

Amplify Internal Storage

Plenty of nifty tricks can help you amplify internal storage, which in turn will help you de-clutter your small bedroom by getting stuff off the floors and eliminating the need for extra items. For example, adding an internal, vertical shoe rack to the wardrobe doors will reduce the need for a separate external shoe rack. Similarly, using storage from the floor to the ceiling inside the wardrobe can help you place seasonal items like blankets, quilts, pillows and other items inside the wardrobe without the need to invest in another storage unit.

Maximising your bedroom space isn't hard when you make the right decisions before installing built in wardrobes.


14 March 2017

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