What You Need to Know About Buying External Shutters for Your Home


External shutters are a great choice for any house, as they add a decorative touch to windows and a pop of colour to a home's exterior. However, when shopping for shutters, you may find that there are far more choices available than you realised, and you want to ensure you order the styles and type that will fit your home and function as needed. Note a few tips for choosing the best external shutters for your home.

Function versus style

Not all shutters actually close to protect a home's windows; some are just decorative, and are permanently attached to the home's siding or brick. It's important to know this in case you're expecting to be able to close your home's shutters during a storm or for protection against bright sunlight. Look for operational shutters if you want them to actually close.

If you do choose operational shutters, you'll need to consider how they'll close, as some might work with a hand crank and some are simply on a hinge. Shutters on a simple hinge can be harder to close, especially if strong winds have already kicked up, so investing in a hand crank can be a better option even if this added feature costs a few extra dollars.


Many homeowners take incorrect measurements when ordering shutters; window shutters should be tall enough to line up exactly to the window frame, and should be wide enough to cover the entire window when closed, without a gap between the two panels. Don't measure inside the window frame for your shutters, as you'll then wind up with a size that's too short and too narrow. This is especially important for operational or functional shutters, as they need to fit snugly over the window in order to protect it from wind and sunlight, and to allow you to hook the shutters together and keep them closed.


Wood shutters give your home a very classic and traditional look, but they may be prone to more wear and tear than other materials, and will need the most maintenance. Vinyl, PVC, and fibreglass shutters are all virtually maintenance free, and they may be more durable against strong storms if you're looking for operational shutters to protect your home's windows. However, these materials may look very artificial and may detraction from the home's appearance overall. You also cannot change the colour of these materials on your own but would need to have them replaced if you want a new look to your shutters.


20 March 2017

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