Three easy ways to customize your shower screen


If you want your bathroom to have some extra charm, all you need to do is order a shower screen and decorate it. It's incredibly easy to turn shower screens into a work of art, making your bathroom just as stylish as the rest of your house! Here are three easy ways to make any shower screen be the star of your bathroom show: 1. Decorative window film If you have a glass shower screen, you can glam it up by putting decorative window film over it.

21 March 2017

What You Need to Know About Buying External Shutters for Your Home


External shutters are a great choice for any house, as they add a decorative touch to windows and a pop of colour to a home's exterior. However, when shopping for shutters, you may find that there are far more choices available than you realised, and you want to ensure you order the styles and type that will fit your home and function as needed. Note a few tips for choosing the best external shutters for your home.

20 March 2017

3 Ways To Maximise Bedroom Space When Planning Wardrobe Installation


Finding space for your multitude of items like clothing, handbags, accessories and shoes can be difficult without adequate storage space in your home, which is why built-in wardrobes are key. But with the soaring prices of real estate rampant in Australia, many people have smaller homes with limited space. This articles should help you maximise bedroom space when planning your wardrobe installations. Get Mirrored Wardrobe Doors Mirrors are versatile enough to serve you with a myriad of applications, but most importantly, they can help your space dilemma by making the bedroom look bigger through light amplification and wall expansion.

14 March 2017

4 Top Tips for a Fantastic Looking Home


Interior design is about much more than choosing new furniture for your home. Although the furniture you choose can have a significant impact on the look of your interior spaces, you will also need to think about the use of space and other accessories you can introduce to add to the atmosphere of the different rooms in your home. Consider empty spaces When thinking about the locations in which you can place accessories in your home, you should consider the empty spaces.

8 March 2017

Office blinds: Giving a good impression


With regards to setting up an office environment, a lot of business owners mainly focus on desks, computers and Internet. Few hardly realise the impact of office décor, particularly blinds. The truth is that your office furnishings have a greater effect on your business than you may think, and it needs to send the right message to your staff and customers. This article looks at the impact of blinds on your office setting, and 3 key considerations you should mull over prior to installing window blinds in your office.

27 February 2017

Which Color Curtains Should You Choose for Cream Walls?


Cream walls are increasingly becoming popular in homes today due to their comforting look. Since cream is a neutral color, it also seems to work great with other colors. This makes it easy for you to decorate the home without worrying about coordinating the wall color to your furniture and décor. However, when it comes to matching the curtains to the walls, one can quickly get overwhelmed. Here you will learn some of the various options that you can go for when choosing curtains that will work well with your wall color.

23 February 2017

3 Vital Inclusions for a Successful Wet Room Renovation for Your Bathroom


If you're planning to renovate a small bathroom, then you may be struggling to find a design that works with the limited space available. A great solution is to create a wet room style bathroom instead of a more traditional layout. Wet rooms are a simple yet effective way of maximising the space while still having a functional and user-friendly bathroom. Here are three vital inclusions you should consider when creating the perfect wet-room.

22 February 2017

Security Window Screens: The Surprising Benefits of Installing Them


Enhancing the kerb appeal of your home can be accomplished using an array of additions and accessories. However, some additions are more functional than others are. Therefore, if you are looking to improve the appearance of your home but are on a tight budget, it is prudent to whittle down your options to elements that will also make your home more functional. One of the additions that are both practical as well as an improvement to your kerb appeal is security window screens.

21 February 2017